Charge Cable Holster, Stainless Steel, ChaseStation Mount


Connector Holster, Stainless Steel, ChaseStation Mount

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The best holster to park the business end of your standard (non-Tesla) charging cable.   Made from high quality stainless steel.  Note, this is the holster for a standard J1772 (non-Tesla) charging cable.  This will not work with a Tesla cable and the holster does not include a charger.  This will fit chargers for all electric Nissans, Fords, Chevrolets, Audis.  If your cable is a J1772 connector, this is the best holster you can buy.

Designed and manufactured in the USA.

This holster is designed as a stand alone holster or docking station for your charging cable.  It is sold here to be  mounted on a ChaseStation like in the picture and includes a custom painted bracket. See our other product for the same stainless steel holster with hardware for mounting to a wall. This holster is supplied with the required hardware to mount to the ChaseStation


Picture of the holster installed on the CS-1 White with NEMA box and optional stainless steel hanger rod.