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Roof Version 1

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Roof assembly, bolts onto any Chase Station.  Unit is made from high quality aluminum and stainless steel.    Unit will provide some weather and sun protection to your charger, while adding a stylish look.  Note that Tesla Wall Connector installation manuals suggest that providing weather protection is suggested.

Solar powered cells on top of the unit create a subtle illumination below, casting a pool of light around the station.  This eliminates fumbling in the dark for the charger or when replacing it.  The light also adds a nice design element to your building.    The internal LEDs will come on automatically at dusk and should stay illuminated until daybreak.  We have over engineered this.  Uses simple replaceable AA’s so after some years, they can be easily replaced should the batteries wear out.

Roof lighting is powered by internal AA rechargeable batteries that are charged by solar cells.  Lights will come on automatically at dusk.  Duration of lighting will depend on the amount of sunlight.

Available in both white and black finishes.

Includes built in fasteners for attachment to a ChaseStation

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