ChaseStation CS2 Deposit


ChaseStation CS2 Deposit

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Select this store item to place a deposit on a ChaseStation CS2.  You can apply this deposit to any version of the CS2.  Production is limited and we may sell out our first run.  This refundable deposit will guarantee you one of the units from our firstproduction batch and also will give you a discount on the final retail price. We anticipate having everything fabricated in late December 2020 and we should be able to ship out by end of January 2021.

This deposit is fully refundable should you change your mind. There is no risk on your part. For those customers that do place a deposit, we will contact you to determine the final configuration (including any options or accessories) and to arrange payment on the balance.

We will announce final retail costs as soon as we have that nailed down.    As like our CS1, the CS2 will be offered with optional accessories including a roof, stainless hanger rods, and more.  Units will be offered in black and white.

Images are shown with the roof, stainless hanger rods, NEMA box or Tesla Wall Connector, and stainless holster, and 120V outlet.