Federal Tax Credit

Extended to December 31, 2021!

The Federal government has created a tax incentive to install EV charging stations for home use. If you install a level 2 (240V) charger, the costs of the charger and the installation can be a tax credit on your owed taxes. Please consult with your accountant for specifics.

To start, first purchase your charging station with the charger you need. Save your proof of purchase. If you hire a professional to have it installed, save any receipts and proofs of payments for the install.

Fill out the form 8911 from the IRS and submit the filled out form and receipts/proofs of payment. You are eligible for 30% of your actual costs, up to a max federal tax credit of $1000. In no case can you collect a credit on more than the taxes owed for the year.

Certain states and counties also participate in a tax incentive program or a direct rebates for home EV charger installations. Please check with your accountant.