Chase Station came in to being when I decided to purchase a Tesla Model 3 and planned on adding a power station to my front circular driveway.  To my surprise, there was nothing on the market that was elegant and looked like it belonged in front of my house.  I saw industrial products that were being offered. I found RV and Boating products.  But nothing with the exact look and features I would want.  So I designed my own power station, starting in August 2019, with the expert aid from chief engineer Matt.

Our headquarters are in the small town of Cleveland Tennessee, just outside of Chattanooga.  Our factory is located in Colorado. Our commitment is to design and fabricate our products in the United States, though some component items may be sourced from over seas.  We take pride in our products and our service and are happy to be part of the EV movement.

If you need to contact me, please send an email to randy@chasestation.com


Andrea and Randy, hanging out on a corner, in Winslow Arizona
Matt and Julie