You bought or are buying an electric vehicle and do not park in the garage? The idea of using an extension cord every time you park sounds sketchy? How are you going to mount the charger along your driveway?

Have a parking lot for customers and employees and want to mount a charger outdoors? Want a charging station that looks stylish and professional?

For those that need to mount their electric vehicle charger away from a wall, we have developed the solution for you. ChaseStation.

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Your ChaseStation purchase can be part of a Federal tax Credit on your owed taxes! Click here to learn more about how you can save up to 30% of the cost of your ChaseStation and installation (up to a total of $1000) from your owed federal taxes and some states will add more credit. Fed tax credit has been extended to December 31, 2021.

Welcome to Chase Station

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Even the dog appreciates how much nicer it is to come home at night to a lit up charging station. No more fumbling in the dark. Available for use with Tesla Wall Connector (Gen 3). Inquire about use with other chargers.

Dog approved!

Options include a weather protecting roof with solar lighting, stainless steel hanger rods, 120V outlet. Note this is our model CS1 in black with dual hanger rods. Shown with a Tesla Gen3 Wall Connector which bolts directly to the ChaseStation.

CS1 White with roof, hanger rods, NEMA box

Designed and fabricated in United States. Shipped from our factory in Colorado. This is our model CS2 in white with a NEMA outlet and stainless steel holster and hanger rods. The CS2 will be in production at the end of the year, now taking deposits. Note, we will offer upgrades for customers of our CS1 that want to upgrade later to a CS2.

ChaseStation CS2
CS2 White with roof, hanger rods, NEMA box